Illiterate team/club officials cannot suffer decisions of the committee for violating the GFA/RFA regulations-Upper East RFA Disciplinary committee

The Upper East Regional Football Association Disciplinary Committee has clearly stated to the amazement of some club/team officials and football lovers in the region that it will be unfair to make decisions against clubs whose officials cannot read and appreciate the GFA/RFA rules and regulations. They said it is the responsibility of the RFA to constantly remind clubs as to what to do in order not to fall victims to the regulations and once the RFA does not do that they cannot fault clubs for falling victims to the regulations. This was made known during a one on one interaction with a club official whose club had filed a protest case against another club for violating the GFA/RFA rules and regulations during a match between the two clubs and as part of the committee’s investigation invited the club office during it’s meeting to respond to some issues raised in their petition.

Responding to a statement by the committee that the RFA did not do their duty of following up to clubs to do what complies with the regulations, the club official said “yes if any club waits on the RFA to tell them what to do and the RFA doesn’t do so, that is between that club and the RFA for me I look at what the regulations say and I don’t wait for the RFA to tell me what to do before I do it once it is in the regulations and any other club who violates the regulations whether knowingly or unknowingly, I believe the regulations should take effect and punish that club accordingly”.
But speaking to tangasportsdesk Alhassan Issaka a.k.a Cumba said he was amazed when a member of the committee stated categorically that he should be aware that some of the club/team officials cannot read and apprehend so it will be unfair for those clubs to suffer for violating the GFA/RFA rules and regulations.
He however lamented that he was surprised upon hearing that since the same committee had earlier ruled on a case where a club suffered for filling the names of his club officials on a team sheet when the officials were not registered on the Fifaconnect system without noting that the club could have done that ignorantly.
He further stated that he was therefore not surprised with the verdict of the committee and that anyone reading the verdict would note that there is a contradiction between point one and point two and five of the decisions of the committee where point one states categorically that the protest shall fail on all grounds whereas the committee is contradictorily siting a breach in the regulations by the respondent and subsequently fining them as well in point two and five respectively.
He said the verdict of the committee came with a lot of infractions for which reason his club is seeking further redress from the appropriate office.
When asked by tangasportsdesk whether his club would accept the decisions of the appeal’s committee of the GFA even if their decision didn’t go in favor of his club, he said “football is a learning business and we learn as we go, I don’t think their ruling will go against us because we have a strong case but when it comes out that way, we will see whether we should continue seeking clarification from higher authorities”.

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