Fix the Upper East Regional division Two(2) league Now_Cherry Mboma

On a one on one chat with Coach Cherry Mboma – Coach and Manager of the Kasena Nankana United about what happened on Sunday, before his recent posts on Facebook and WhatsApp Statuses on his campaign – FixTheRegionalDivision2League, he said;

The following men were appointed to officiate the match;

These above-mentioned men were changed just two days to the match which was Friday:

Coach Mboma says:

Hmm, bro on the pre-match conference day(Sunday at 10:00 am)2 new persons including Ernest were at the meeting saying they were the officials for the match.

So I didn’t understand, I called the division 2 League Board Chairman to find out what was happening n he said the people they appointed were not around so they have to replace them. I didn’t mind. I only pleaded with them for fair officiating n we all left after the pre-match conference at COS park.

The match commissioner who was appointed for the game didn’t come for the pre-match conference, he would have been the best person to resolve certain issues before the game but only came when the game was about to kick off.

We knew that the game was going to be a big one so we arrange for heavy security (police) n fire officers numbering up to 15.

I can tell you that those guys who came for the game, were already contracted by Bolga All-stars for a special mission that is to cheat for them.

it was a good plan exercise to cheat the home team n if they felt uncomfortable, then they should stop the game.

So on the 32nd min. Assistant 2 took an infringement which should have been in favor of a united fc but rather picked it for Bolga All-stars, the fans around him shouted as a form of registering their displeasure n funny enough the middle man quickly ran to his assistant who was trying to position himself well for the kick to be effected. the middle man pull his assistant to the middle .for a while the match commissioner went in the discussion took place n he askededed to continue the game, but he (the middle man)said his life was in Danger n can’t continue the game. He stood in the middle for 50mins after he stops the game n later decided to walk out. The police told him nothing will happen but since it was a planned thing already he decided not to continue the game.


He added providing pictures showing how far he went with security provided on the field of play and a video suspecting to have been the command to end the match.

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