Upper East music: DJ Aluther threatening to sue Show bwoy in court.

The long-term beef between DJ Aluther and Show bwoy has moved to the next level, where the renowned DJ and artists manager is threatening to sue controversial artist Wahadu Adisa known in showbiz as a showbwoy.

Akunsike Martin, who is the manager for rap trio Rockcity and a Dj with word Fm took to Facebook to threaten t show bwoy claiming, his defamatory statement again him can land him in court.

He said.     “Wahid Adisa, (Showboy) your defamation strategy against me can land you into a court case. If your relevance in Upper East Music is dying off don’t use me as the hype.”

He made this comment in responses to  Show bwoy posted on Facebook claiming Dj Aluther and co are those killing the music careers of most artists in the upper East Region.

Show bwoy posted: “Akunsike Martin and his people are those killing our industry, the feel like they have the links so whatever they want the do it..u made people feel like everything favors rockcity even if they don’t deserve it meanwhile the young men are one of the best act in the region if I’m part of rockcity I will have to sack you..belle full alone let me tell u this, bigger links will come to some people side and it won’t favor u because at it stands ur value is sinking change ur ways it won’t help u”

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