Pay more attention to the Business side of your craft” Shatta Wale’s to fellow musicians.

Musician Shatta Wale has won the hearts of many with a jaw dropping Advises captured in his State of the Industry address where he spoke concerning his upcoming album and life in the United States.

The musician earlier proposed all Ghanaian artists should come together and identify one music genre that will suit the international recognition so we can all push together to bring home some international victories.

“Pay more attention to the Business side of your craft” Shatta Wale’s to fellow musicians
Shatta Wale

He followed that with am advise to his colleague musicians in the country to take the business side of their craft more serious.

“I want to plead with Musicians in Ghana to pay some more attention to the business side of the craft” he said

According to him, he has always advocated for musicians to see their talent and career as a business entity and make good money out of it since that is more like their employment.

“One thing l’ve long campaign for is for the artists to take and see their talent as a career and as a business entity, let’s learn to make money with our talent” Shatta Wale added

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